Where can I get Fire Corn?

This is our most frequently asked question. Unfortunately, the best and only answer is to order it online directly from Pop Gourmet through the Fire Corn web site (shipping is from Seattle). Since we are a small independent brand trying to compete with the crushing financial capacities of the bigger brands, we do not have the financial resources to maintain a Nielsen Scan Data subscription so we don’t have a cool map showing which stores are actually selling it. So mostly we can give you a list of which parent companies are buying it from us, but not necessarily which retail stores are selling it.

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I went to one of the stores on your list; WHY DIDN’t they have it?

RATS!! Sorry about that. But you can take that opportunity to be a Fire Corn super fan and talk to the manager and make them aware that the retail location you visit most does not offer the best popcorn ever made (IMHO)! If a store client requests a product, managers are more likely to pulse the chain’s buyer to get it into their specific location. Then the most important thing is to make sure it gets bought at that location. The rate by which a product disappears from the shelf is called “shelf velocity” and if it has low shelf velocity, it does not get reordered and restocked. If it has high shelf velocity, it gets restocked and you maintain your access to Beer’s Favorite Snack®.

Do you have Merch?

Yes, we do, but we are not set up to sell it yet. If we can get a little better volume on the product, we will increase our effort to get Fire Corn merchandise out on the streets.

Why did you change the recipe?

We haven’t changed the recipe, we have changed the manufacturing company. Pop Gourmet used to make it in-house in the Seattle area but found effectively managing a production line to be outside of their core competencies, so they divested their manufacturing equipment and went to an external source.

Why did you decrease the number of jalapeños in Fire Corn?

We haven’t. There is just standard variance in the packaging as the product goes from kettle, through flavoring (only a little salt and, of course, real white cheddar for White Cheddar Fire Corn), then to bagging. Some bags get many, some bags get fewer. We regret if you are a fan of the jalapeño crisps and do not win the “jalapeño crisp lottery” that is a part of every Fire Corn purchase.

Can you make it hotter?

Once the core products are financially successful, we may look to make hotter flavors but for now, we are matching the profile we feel most accurately matches the Fire Corn made in the fighter squadrons.

Why do you make it so hot!?!?

Fire Corn is not for everyone but it is Beer’s Favorite Snack® so if it feels too hot when you try it, try it next time with a frosty cold beer in hand and it should be just right!

It burns my eyes! What can I do?

It is a jalapeño pepper product made with real jalapeños. Just like handling fresh jalapeños you can get at the grocery store, don’t rub your eyes while eating Fire Corn. All I can say (since I am a fighter pilot and not a doctor) is wash your hands and face and don’t touch your eyes!