Fire Corn Fans:

Fire Corn is out of production for now. I am working hard to get it back to availability to you through a “For Sale By Amazon” profile. Since I have low SA (Situational Awareness) on how to do that, I am engaging folks that know how to do that. I expect (HOPE!!) Fire Corn and White Cheddar Fire Corn will be available about the end of the year. I was hoping sooner but this years airshow schedule was a bit heavier than anticipated and I find I need to focus on the airshow when I am doing that kind of flying so close to the ground. I will keep you posted through this splash page on my progress.

Thanks for being fan enough to track down the web site. I will need strong support and advocacy at the relaunch.

Cheers to you!
Greg “B.A.” Anders
Fire Corn Popcorn LLC

Fire Corn: The tribal food of Fighter pilots!!